Productivity Tip for Dealing with Frequent Work Revisions (using PowerShell)

Often, when I work on a project that requires a bunch of files to produce an output, be it a set of diagrams or documents or even sometimes code, I produce an output and then I tend to try a different idea by making changes to a bunch of files to see how something looks and then go back to how it was previously and try something else by changing the same or different set of files. You might do things the same way. It quickly gets super tedious to make changes to the files to bring back something I tried a while ago or to restore the work to a particular state that I liked, because you need to keep track of all the changes you made and do them again or undo them all-mostly manually. In such times, I tend to take back up of the whole directory or sub-directory with all its files and sub-directories. I used WinRAR and a quick key combination to add the current directory and create an archive with a timestamp based filename, I keep this archive aside with a label to identify if I need to restore later, sometimes I don’t even