Resuming blogging after a few years…

I started my blog in 2009, a decade ago![true 🙂]. But for the past few years, though I’ve been in the tech field, I’ve not been blogging, sometimes intentionally-to make time for other things & sometimes unintentionally.

I regret for not blogging for the past few years.

I started blogging for many reasons, right now when I think of why I need to blog? – I could tell it is primarily for the following reasons:

  1. It helps to motivate my learning, to maintain myself as a truly hands-on person even after I got into Software architect roles and technology leadership roles, also it prevents burnout in terms of keeping up with learning so many new things popping up in the industry. Additionally, the pressure of wanting to write a new blog post makes one seek new tools/tech to explore, this helps to spread your expertise horizontally, as per your liking.
  2. Blogging is a great note-making/learning tool – my blogging philosophy is, you can blog anything you want to make a note for yourself, some/most times those blog posts may end up being useful for someone.
  3. To save time – sharing a link is easier than guiding someone on a topic/issue. Lot of times, I happen to bring up a team of freshers or cross-train developers into a new technology as part of my work and sharing blog posts for them to get started is easier.

I always blogged on my own domain, first on (2009-2011) ( was not available then 🙂), then found being available for registration and migrated to it since 2012 – till date

I felt like moving to a new domain name as I am not sure if I am very fond of my old domain(, and having your name on the domain is the trend now😎. Also, as I am resuming blogging after a few years, thought to have a kind of “refreshed resumption” if that’s a term 😉, hence I am moving to ashokaOn.Tech domain.