Want the dark font color scheme in Visual Studio 2010/2008?

(Note: This blog post was originally published under my old domain(codesmiles.com), here. Web Archive link. If you like the dark color scheme available in Visual Studio 2012 and would be happy to have the same in your Visual Studio 2010/2008, you can have it for at least the code editor font colors by downloading the themes from studiostyl.es. (Note that white-on-black (dark color scheme) is easy on your eyes than usual black-on-white) I was wondering if anyone could have made a theme based on Visual Studio 2012 and went to studiostyl.es and searched then got couple of dark themes based on Visual Studio 2012 code editor font colors. One seems to be made using Visual Studio 11(2012) beta, you can get it here. I think this one looks more accurate. ..and the other one made using Visual Studio 2012 you can get it here.