Simple & Compound interests..

(Note: This blog post was originally published under my old domain(, here. Web Archive link. Finally, I have launched my blog.. was thinking of starting a blog past few years.. I spent lot of time changing things to customize to my taste. And this will be primarily a technical blog.. Most of you will come to the question “why are you blogging?”… well, the reasons are many, few of them are below.. When I see talented movies, I cannot stop me from telling my friends and asking them to see it soon, same interest occupies when I see some interesting programming or technology, a kind of interest to share, and will do that here When I write articles and receive reader’s e-mails it’s encouraging, more encouraging & interesting when I realise that I am glad it helped others trying to tackle something As most bloggers say, this is also beneficial to me, so I am not wasting time.. It is a place where I can note down things I face in computers, programming & technology, so it could be a good and easy reference for me Also can note things I learn, mostly things I doubt as rarely used. Brain