A little less cared ASP.NET’s NestedMasterPage

(Note: This blog post was originally published under my old domain(codesmiles.com), here. Web Archive link. I have seen developers using user controls which will show and hide sections of site content based on the state of the web site. This is fine for some extent, you know when it becomes bad ? It becomes bad when only user controls are used even for site layout related stuff. ASP.NET’s NestedMasterPage is a great thing, that, I should admit, I myself started using only recently earlier I was using other ways to display a set of pages in different layout in a website. NestedMasterPage is a master page which is based on another master page, you can have as many levels of nesting as you wish, as far as you don’t confuse yourself. You create a NestedMasterPage based on which other normal ASP.NET pages will be created. You can have a Main master page in which a website’s most common UI elements are present and create NestedMasterPages for different areas of a site like subsections of a site like web interface for post Member login, etc. Below is a simple depiction of what could be done with a NestedMasterPage in ASP.NET web