New ASP.NET project gives a great webapp template in Visual Studio 2010

(Note: This blog post was originally published under my old domain(, here. Web Archive link. (This post is part of Visual Studio 2010 series) When you create a new ASP.NET web application in Visual Studio 2010, you are getting a project which has a good set of features built into it for you to get started quickly. In previous versions of Visual Studio, when you create a new ASP.Net project, you just get one .aspx page with a web.config file.   (Visual Studio 2010’s solution explorer showing the contents of a just created Web Application project) Visual Studio 2010’s new project template has the following.. Master page – with menu, login view control, etc., has good div based layout with nicely used css styles. Along with two files based on master page(Default.aspx & About.aspx). Stylesheet – with styles for most elements your web pages will be designed with, that you can customize as you wish Forms authentication enabled – provides you with .aspx pages which implements forms authentication, like, login, register new user and change password, with necessary configurations in web.config Web.config file with Debug and Release versions, including sample Web.config transformations that you most probably need Web.config readily configured